About 2nd Annual Western North Carolina Flyathlon

Location: Near Saluda, NC 

Event Date: April 26th - 28th, 2024 

Deadline to Give: Midnight, April 25th, 2024 

Event Fundraising Goal: $10,000 Campaign 

Launch Date: January 27th, 2024

Tax ID: 81-1625829 

At Running Rivers, we firmly believe that the best way to ensure the preservation, protection, and maintenance of our irreplaceable public lands and waters is to develop and foster the stewards who will stand up in their defense. Our programs create unique opportunities for people to experience public lands and waters in novel and fun ways, to expand their depth of understanding of the importance of healthy functioning freshwater ecosystems, and to invest in their time, money, and sweat through on-the-ground stewardship projects. The Western North Carolina Flyathlon is a unique, conservation-minded race event that integrates three of the world's greatest activities; trail running, fly-fishing, and craft beer. The premise is simple... 

run. fish. beer. 

First held at the end of April in 2023, this is the newbie Flyathlon race on the block.  Held in the Green River Canyon near Salida, NC, this Flyathlon is designed to bring the outdoor enthusiast together with the goal of protecting watersheds like the Green River from the increase of pollution and development in the area. Providing habitat for our unique native brookies and public access is a constant battle, and this is one way we can protect this area while running, drinking delicious beer, and catching a few fish friends.

On Thursday night, we gather at New Belgium Brewing Co. in Asheville NC to share fine craft beers and go over the rules.  Camping will be available near the start line on Friday and Saturday nights of race weekend and we strongly encourage everyone to come and stay for the weekend!  On Friday night, we will have a series of leisure sports games with prizes including time deductions for Saturday's main event. 

Bright and early Saturday morning, we organize at the Green River Ranch which conveniently sits at the trailhead of the Green River Cove trail.  A few words are spoken, a crappy domestic beer is sacrificed, and then flyathletes are off.

Most importantly, the Western North Carolina Flyathlon is a fundraising event for coldwater conservation projects, with a focus on the Western Appalachian brook trout. We will be raising money through our 501(c)(3) organization, Running Rivers. Since 2014, our Flyathlon races have raised more than $650,000 for native trout related work completed through our diverse conservation partners, including Iowa Trout Unlimited, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Colorado Trout Unlimited, the Western Native Trout Initiative, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.  We look forward to expanding our impact and energy to Western North Carolina!  

To explore projects that have been completed with Flyathlon funds over the past 9 years, please visit:

Now is a critical time to invest in the preservation of our public lands and waters. Because Running Rivers is a recognized 501c3 organization, your donations (but not registration) are tax deductible. run. fish. beer. donate! 

Running Rivers