About Heritage Wheat & Bread-Making Workshop

Sourdough Artisan Bread baking for the Casual Baker!

Learn the simple but delicious “2-1” method of sourdough bread baking. Using only flour, water, and salt, the class will participate in all stages of bread baking. First build, second build, slap-and-fold kneading, and dough shaping. An emphasis will be placed on adapting classic hearth bread for home kitchens and working with heritage wheat flour. The process is flexible, forgiving, and fun!

Charlie Tennessen, a Mount Pleasant homesteader and author of the cookbook, “Kitchen Chaos: Recipes from a Wisconsin Homestead,” is a passionate educator about baking with the heritage wheat of Wisconsin. Charlie has been growing wheat for twenty years and is currently working with seed libraries to re-create the wheat of 19th Century Wisconsin. The class will use stone-ground flour made from heritage wheat grown and milled on Charlie’s farm, Anarchy Acres.

All participants will receive sourdough starter culture from Anarchy Acres. We will talk about the history of wheat in Wisconsin and view clips from the award-winning documentary, "25 Weeks: A Wisconsin Pizza Harvest." There will be stone-ground flour and cookbooks for sale after class.

$30/person fee
This class will be capped at 10 people.