About Arkansas Black Music & Film Expo Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers for our 4th Annual Arkansas Black Film & Music Expo. We need support for each of the following teams. We appreciate you, the community, in helping bring our vision to life. 

-Ticket and Merch Table


-Stage Production Assistance 


When: February 9th and 10th

Where: Fayetteville Town Center 

About the event:

Music Moves is focused on widening the spotlight to include historically underrepresented artists and musicians, with a goal of starting conversations that lead to an appreciation of different cultures. The Arkansas Black Music and Film Expo provides a unique opportunity for Northwest Arkansas to support the important work of honoring Black voices and contributions in Northwest Arkansas, as well as enjoy a night of community and fun.

Celebration of Black Music: To celebrate and showcase the rich and diverse history of Black music, including its contributions to various genres such as Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, and more.

Education and Awareness: To educate the public about the cultural significance and historical context of Black music, highlighting the artists, movements, and milestones that have shaped the industry.

Promotion of Black Artists: To provide a platform for emerging and established Black musicians, songwriters, producers, and other music professionals to showcase their talent and gain exposure.

Music and Arts Industry Insights: To offer workshops, panel discussions, and seminars on various aspects of the music industry, including songwriting, production, marketing, and distribution, with a focus on empowering Black musicians and industry professionals.

Marketplace for Music and Arts Products: To host an expo or trade show where music-related products and services, such as instruments, recording equipment, and merchandise, can be exhibited and promoted.