About Discovering Nobility with Deb Lee Carson 2024

Discover the noble Nokota® horse through your own lens, eyes, and heart.  

Join Deb Lee Carson, in a three day, photographic workshop hosted by the Nokota® Horse Conservancy (NHC). We will traverse the landscape of the NHC located on the northern plains of North Dakota, near a community called Linton, witnessing the rolling, open prairie these noble and revered horses call home. 

Learn what it takes to bring their story to life.  Your lens will discover family, emotions, and movement in the challenging North Dakota light.  

Deb, an award winning, published equine photographer, will bring her years of observing and photographing the horse in their natural realm and their captive roles, focusing specifically on the equids grace, movement, and compelling stories.

You will discover what a stallion’s ‘tell’ is when those heart stopping agonistic behaviors are about to happen.  You will learn how to respect their space to observe their normal behaviors, allowing you to capture those tender moments or fierce encounters to bring back to your own audience. You will discover light and working within the constraints of nature.  You will learn how to use your camera and lens to its maximum ability to freeze those moments in time.  

Finally, your gift will be to tell their story and give back to the subject matter, for without those undeniable hearts, large knowing eyes, flowing manes, and thundering hooves, how far would humanity have come? A photographer’s greatest gift is bringing their story to the world.  

Join us in making that happen.  

Mark your calendar to arrive the afternoon/evening of June 2nd, 2024 and departing the morning of Thursday, June 6th, 2024; three full days and evenings of camaraderie, ongoing knowledge, and lasting memories. 

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Please note that travel, accommodations and meals are not included.  More information will follow regarding your options.