About Sponsorship & Advertising Opportunities

With a vision to strengthen the community in which we exist, we have

 made it our mission to achieve this in several ways. At Verdun, we use a

 multi-faceted challenge course, community partnerships, and natural resources

in our area to provide custom experiences that will connect people to each other, as well as their community. 

We promote individual and collective growth through programs designed to meet the specific needs of our unique clients and our community as a whole. 

Each and everyday we strive to continue working toward our vision.

It feels great when we can see it becoming a reality, and your generosity 

helps us tremendously!

There are several community programs offered at Verdun.

Project SOAR

Groundwork Project

Too Good for Drugs program

Summer Camp

Team Building for children and adults

Project SOAR works with adults coming out of rehab, to overcome adversity in their recovery. Groundwork Project works with students that are close to graduating or have just graduated, and have a barrier between them and the workplace.

Too Good is a program that is implemented in the classroom of Fauquier schools and works with kids on their social and emotional development.

Events for The Community

Summer Concert Series: Local artists perform at our Amphitheatre for crowds between 60-120 people

Annual Holiday Festival : Free weekend event during the holiday season. We host several art vendors, non-profit businesses, and food trucks for the community to enjoy. 

The Holiday Light Show is kicked off during out Holiday Fest weekend. It continues all season long, for  several hundred community members to come out and enjoy the show with friends and family.

Verdun has 600 Instagram followers today

Our Facebook page has 2.8K followers and 2.5K Likes

We are hoping to serve more of the community that is of the Spanish speaking population and overall making Verdun accessible to all the populations in our community 


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