About DIPG - DMG Research Funding Alliance

DIPG/DMG Research Funding Alliance
...Because Lives Depend On It

"DIPG DMG Research Funding Alliance (DDRFA) is made up of nearly 60 foundations, funds and families aligned to work quickly to change DIPG DMG as we know it.  Together we fund research (both basic and translational), access to trials, and the use and integration of shared data.  We are committed to collaboration by foundations, researchers, institutions, clinicians and databanks.  We know it will take all of us to eradicate the most deadly childhood cancer. DDRFA is powered by families who know all too well that lives, most often of children ages 4 -12, are depending on us.  DIPG DMG won't wait and neither will we."

DDRFA is administered by Tough2gether Against DIPG, an operating fund of AWOCCF, Inc. having the not-for-profit EIN

of 27-081133. Checks may be mailed to AWOCCF, PO Box 258, Marlboro, NJ 07746 marked "DDRFA". Thank you for your support!