About Support The PaPa's Heart Program!

PAPA'S HEART is a poignant program established in the loving memory of Ronald J. Wright, a remarkable individual, devoted husband, father, grandfather, historian, and Navy veteran. As the patriarch of our family, he embodied the ideals of a nurturing father and grandfather, providing unwavering love, support, wisdom, and laughter. His heart of gold and infectious smile illuminated our lives, fostering a unique bond beyond familial ties; he was our cherished best friend.

Our Papa passed away on January 26, 2023, after complications from a quadruple bypass. His cause of death was an enlarged heart and untreated coronary artery disease which was likely Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) which runs in our family. HCM is a cardiac condition characterized by abnormal thickening of the heart muscle walls, impeding the heart's ability to efficiently pump oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. This increased thickness leads to heightened stiffness, limiting the heart's capacity for proper blood filling. Consequently, individuals with HCM may encounter symptoms such as fatigue, rapid heartbeat, chest pain, and other related issues, stemming from the heart's heightened workload and compromised pumping function.

In honor of his legacy, PAPA'S HEART is an innovative Intergenerational program seeking to forge meaningful connections across generations. By leveraging the rich resources that the young and old offer, the program aims to address crucial social and community issues. We aspire to unite people of diverse ages through purposeful activities meticulously designed to achieve specific program goals. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate mutual understanding and respect, fostering relationships that transcend genetic connections and enrich the lives of both young and elderly participants. 

The program will support HCM research and offer outreach for veterans and the elderly; facilities quarterly activities and events on behalf of the aforementioned groups.