About PACC 2024 6th Annual Hybrid Conference

PACC Conference is back!

We cordially invite you to the 6th annual PACC Hybrid Conference: The Future is Palestine!

In light of the resurging violence against Gaza and all of Palestine, an unprecedented surge of global support has emerged from both Palestinians and allies. As awareness of Israel's war crimes intensifies, so does the collective commitment to justice.

Amidst the turmoil, it is crucial for us to pause, reflect, and realign with our unwavering dedication to the Palestinian cause. Decades of oppression under the Israeli occupation demand our attention, urging us to stand united for freedom and justice in Palestine.

This conference is not just for Palestinians; it is a call for everyone to unite against injustice. Palestine represents the intersection where various forms of oppression converge, highlighting the need for solidarity and action. Only through a unified front can Palestine and the entire free world truly attain freedom. Join us as we gather to strengthen our resolve and work towards a just and liberated Palestine for all. We envision the future, and it is in a free Palestine.