About Support Team Humanity!


Saint Francis Challenge is raising $20,000 to continue to design and build dignified, affordable, and replicable cabin models for emergency/interim shelter.

We are working with a team of architects and tiny-home building experts in 2024 to support a mobile cabin prototype that can be affordably and sustainably replicated at new or existing sites to address shelter and housing shortage needs.

As always, the resulting designs and lessons learned from R&D will be open source and available to all communities/individuals interested in building safe and secure lodging for people in need of places of belonging and places in need of stewardship.

Learn more about Saint Francis Challenge's previous work to develop mobile cabins with a hemp-insulation focus at



Banner Photo: Arnie Valdez (Architect, Builder, Farmer, and Co-Owner of Rezolana Farms) securing a solar panel to the roof of the Hemp Casita, a collaborative project of Saint Francis Challenge and Rezolana Farms. 

Saint Francis Challenge is a fiscally sponsored project of Intersection for the Arts (501c3). All donations are tax deductible and will be directed towards building materials and/or stipends for building.