About SABIFF 2024 Support Us To Soar!

SABIFF 2024 is taking a deep breath to *reFOCUS  *reCHARGE  *reFRESH!  As we enter our 6th year it is important that we increase our fundraising efforts to allow for staffing, needed operational costs, expanded marking and programming curations.  Your contributions are vital to assist with the ecological balance of Black Cinema in SA & beyond.  We Thank you in advance for your interest and support to expand our mission to expose, showcase and advocate for Black Film, and provide a quality platform to Film Creatives.  Join our film village, share with like-minded movie-goers, pull in marginalized communities in need of positive infotainment and enlightment. 

Get ready to be empowered. Get ready to be inspired. Get ready to experience the healing power of cinema. SABIFF 2024 is here to remind you that empowerment and cinema go hand in hand. Through the magic of film, we can transcend boundaries, challenge stereotypes, and create a world where wellness is at the forefront of our collective consciousness.