About Chance & Flicker's Second Chance at Life

This poor dog, who we’ve named Chance, was found emaciated, on the brink of death, all alone in the cold outdoors. Fortunately, a mail carrier spotted Chance on the side of the road, and he was safely brought to us. We don't know his past or what he endured, but his poor body tells us he's been through too much. Chance was skin and bones - he was so skinny that you could see his bones and ribs protruding out. He was incredibly weak, so weak that he could barely stand, let alone walk. Thankfully, Chance is now resting and gaining some weight back, and he's slowly opening up to staff. He has so much love in his heart despite what he's been through. We estimate him to be about 1 year old, and he is very sweet. Once he's settled in more, he will be searching for his forever home!

Flicker the kitten recently turned 4 months old and had only been at the shelter for a few weeks before he started showing signs of illness. He was lethargic with labored breathing, in addition to having a high temperature. We kept a close eye on him and did everything we could to help him improved, and he appeared to be getting better until he took a turn for the worse. Flicker ended up with a life-threatening case of pneumonia and needed emergency care. He needed x-rays and medical treatment we don't have access to in-house. Cats with pneumonia will experience breathing difficulties and oxygen deficiency in the blood which can weaken the immune system, and it can be especially detrimental to a young kitten. After being hospitalized and running bloodwork, x-rays, receiving fluids, oxygen, and more, Flicker was finally on the mend. He is now recovering with us and being closely monitored by our clinic staff. We are so grateful for the emergency care for Flicker, but his treatment was costly. His stay resulted in a medical bill of $1,000. The good news is that Flicker is stable and healing.