About Infinite Love Needs Your Help

Being a grassroots foundation, for years our founders have personally absorbed any of the administrative fees associated with Infinite Love as they always wanted 100% of any donations coming in to go directly towards childhood cancer research and the families that childhood cancer effects.  However, with the growth of Infinite Love, we now need your help to keep this train moving as they can no longer do it alone! 


We know that making a donation to cover things such as printing, website fees and insurance isn’t exactly exciting…however because of your donation, we are able to continue to give 100% of funds raised to research (through our Dollar Campaign), as well as 100% of funds raised towards our Lovie Buddie campaign.  So you see, the people like you willing to help with the boring end of things are our true heroes!!  So go ahead and grab your cape as we say THANK YOU for your Infinite Love!