About Oren Nochimowski Mitzvah Project

Hello family and friends,


As most of you know, I am celebrating my bar mitzvah in November. And as I think about what that means, I also think about kids who are less fortunate than me and how I can help them. 


One place that does amazing things for kids is the Israeli Sports Center for the Disabled. It is located in Tel Aviv, and I am lucky to have visited it many times. I love to play sports, like basketball, soccer and football. And the kids with disabilities who go to the Sports Center have the opportunity to enjoy them like I do. 

Every time I go to the Sports Center, I make new friends. When I was there in June, I played wheelchair basketball and tennis with the other kids. It was very challenging, and I realized what incredible athletes they are. In fact, the Sports Center has sent many athletes to the Special Olympics and many of them have won medals! 


Not everyone who needs a wheelchair has one. Each wheelchair costs $2,500. I want to provide the Sports Center with two wheelchairs for kids who need them. With your help, I could make that happen. Any donation you can make to my Bar Mitzvah fund would mean a lot to me and to the children of the Israel Sports Center for the Disabled.


Thank you so much!




Oren Nochimowski