About Benjamin Rosenberg, Ross Bernath & Zach Rubin

Dear Friends and Family,

We are excited to support the Israeli Sports Center for the Disabled as part of our preparation for becoming bar mitzvahs.  This organization helps disabled athletes enjoy activities like basketball and gives them a place to reach their goals.  We have been playing basketball since preschool and have decided to raise money for The Israel Sport Center for the Disabled (ISCD) because all kids should have the opportunity to play sports.  Through sports, we have learned how to communicate, work together, and be good teammates.  The ISCD is an incredible place where kids with all type of disabilities or injuries from illness, terrorist attacks, birth defects or other circumstances can come and play sports.  We hope you will support our efforts to buy 3 wheelchairs for these athletes!  Also, come see the athletes in action on Sunday, February 25 at the MJCCA – you will be amazed!

Benjamin, Ross & Zach