About Magnolia Art Xchange's Crowdfunding Campaign

Be a part of the next great art movement! Art history has always been made by artists within groups, who create not only art but MOVEMENTS that change the way the world thinks time and time again. As with the Renaissance, Bauhaus School of Design, Barbizon School, Modern Art, Impressionism and others, it starts with a seed that grows into a salon, school, institution or organization and blossoms from there. The Magnolia Art Xchange (MAX) is just such a seed, planted by a group of passionate art enthusiasts in Ocala, Florida. MAX is an art incubator designed to further visual artists' creativity and professionalism; to be a collaborative resource hub for artists, educators, and art enthusiasts; and to dramatically expand the cultural presence in Ocala. MAX will achieve it's mission by transforming Ocala Union Station into working studios, classrooms, exhibition halls, and meeting spaces complete with gallery lighting, shared tools, and more. These much needed ammenities will support conversations with peers, mentors, and art patrons. Previsously underutilized spaces will become a hotbed for new and midcareer artistic talent, and Ocala's vibrancy will explode within the North Magnolia District. MAX needs your help. Our kickoff goal is to reach $151,200. Your contributions will provide the foundation that MAX needs to serve artists, the community, and art enthusiasts successfully with a long term, exponential growth plan. Upon reaching our fundraising goal the City of Ocala will match our investment with capital improvements necessary to support programming. Please join us and the community in this endeavor. Financial contributions of ANY size at all are helpful, and we have many thank you gifts, sponsorship and naming opportunities in appreciation of your generosity.