About Donate to Sustainable Seattle

Thank you for choosing to support Sustainable Seattle. Since 1991 our commitment to environmental justice and citizen science has been unwavering.

We are frontline. What that means is that we are led by people who are hit first and hardest by the impacts of climate change. We are people of color leading an inclusive organization for the greater Seattle region, as displacement and gentrification continue to impact our community. 

Your support allows us to be the backbone organization that supports, builds the capacity of, and connects our rich ecosystem of peers, partners, and practitioners in environmental and economic justice work in our Interweave program. Interweave fills a much needed gap in our community -- allowing community members to meet self-identified needs with expert solutions without having to be immediate experts in the bureaucracies of nonprofit administration. 

Just as important, we maintain our work as practitioners and connectors through our soil health programs which are essential to our 30-year commitment to measuring the impacts of climate change so that we can be change agents with both new and indigenous regenerative solutions.

To be successful, we rely on donors for unrestricted funding so that we can maintain low fees to practitioners while continuously improving our programs and transformative services based in liberatory practice.