About Fiduciary- Empowering to Invest and Create Wealth

Your donation and support of our Fiduciary – Empowering to Invest and Create Wealth campaign will contribute to our goal of $1 Million Dollars of financial resources needed for program scholarships ($750,000 – Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand dollars), program capacity ($150,000 - One Hundred Fifty Thousand dollars) and organization operating capacity ($100,000 – One Hundred Thousand dollars) to service 300 youth and adult participants, with mentors, and staff in the “Financial Education and Asset Development” and “Wealth and Asset Management” programs during the 2018 – 2020 fiscal years.  

Indicate level of donation or support:


_____   $ 100,000 or more                            Investment Management and Law Firms

_____   $   25,000-$199,999                        Financial Service and Business Firms  

_____   $   2,500-$24,999                             Investment Professionals and Lawyers

_____   $   1,000-$2,499                               Financial Service and Business Professionals

_____   $ ______________                      Other 

Thank you

Your support reflects your belief in the FEET Center’s "Financial Education and Asset Development program" and "Wealth and Asset Management Program", as sound economic empowerment opportunities for youth and adults.  Thanks to your generosity, the legacy of the Financial Education and Economic Transformation Center will live on forever in the youth and adult program participants whose lives are transformed.