About Bliss Dance Company

Our Mission:

Bliss Dance Company (BDC) supports women's voices through artistic dance. Our commitment to original and innovative creations come straight out of our artists’ hearts and souls. A fusion of diverse disciplines of dance and cultural backgrounds enable us to touch our community with the passion that comes from our life experiences.

Our Vision:

Our vision is for all to have an understanding of what the authentic women's experience is. Bliss Dance Company aims to open up our minds to find room for honest and respectful dialogue concerning women and girls. We strive to develop art in such a manner that self-discovery of each dancer is a vital part of the process. 

We Value: 

We value authenticity, rawness, and truth. Enough with what women should or should not represent. It is urgent to recognize women and girls for who we really are. The collaboration of all our dancers, musicians, poets, painters, friends, family, and enemies all inspire us to lessen the gap of misunderstandings and misinformation.

We Produce:

Bliss Dance Company produces several annual events including the BDC Show, Company Retreat, Workshops, and Bliss Dance Festival. Bliss Dance Festival (BDF) is our newest venture with women's authentically sexual voices in mind. BDF promotes women choreographers while empowering women to celebrate their sexuality, sex, and sexual desires. Bliss Dance Festival is committed to social change and social justice for ALL WOMXN. This event is for mature audiences, ages 18+.

Your donation helps make these events possible. Thank you and see you at our next Bliss event!