About Exceptional Learners Deserve Music, Too!

This campaign offers you a chance to help our organization remove barriers that have sidelined students in special day programs, support programs, and home or hospital settings from participating in music. Your gift can make a difference in two ways this year, first by supporting GITC to reach and train their teachers, special educators, specialists, and para-educators/PIFs to learn adaptive methodologies that give every learner the tools and techniques they need to successfully play musical instruments!

Second, we can create a model for inclusion in music at the middle and high school levels by supporting adaptive music programs, and by building bridges, collaboratively, between special education and choir, band, and orchestra programs. This is an exciting time to create change, and we welcome and appreciate your participation! We're just starting this work in San Diego Unified and it's incredibly exciting!

Singing and playing an instrument can be adapted for any child or teen. We appreciate you joining us to create access, equity, learning and inspiration! This project will give special educators and education professionals serving students with identified exceptionalities, IEPs and 504 plans the skills and tools to support their students to jjoin in music with their peers! Our Adaptive Music for Achievement in Inclusion and Special Education a.k.a. AMAISE courses and our AMAISE-ing instruments will support everyone to learn and create together every week with percussion, guitar, ukulele, electronic instruments, singing, and movement for learning, health and social and emotional well-being.