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For every child and adolescent to have a strong network of adult caregivers and professionals engaged in supporting their positive development in peaceful families and communities. Philosophy Children’s Worlds are their Home, Family, School, Neighborhood, Community, City, National, International, Cultures, Religions, Sports, Work, and Peers. Children’s Worlds are constantly changing. As Agents of change, we work to improve children's worlds!


Our mission is to strengthen children’s rights to positive development and well-being, ensuring protection from violence. The LCFS Best Start for Families Department (BSFF) addresses the full developmental ecology of youth with a strengths-based and measurable approach. The Community/Child Capacity Development and Violence Prevention (CCDevVP) framework is aligned with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, which establishes and promotes international best practices in children’s rights to survival, maximum development, health and social services, and protection from violence and neglect. It provides an integrated approach to community-based child protection.