About Parenting Learning Group - Aprendizaje de crianza

Please join us for our "The Best Start for Families" Parent Learning Group to learn how to show positive feelings with your children and family members, how to describe and give meaning to your children's experiences, how to provide gradual support, and much more!

These are challenging times!!

Join the community-based “program to support and be supported by other families who care about our kids, who want to be even more as parents because we see the potential of our children and want them to have every chance in the world to thrive and succeed.  

This is a program for parents who believe their children deserve the best in community support - for those who want more for their children and themselves - in family and community, NOW and in the Future.

Together We Are Stronger!

If you have any question feel free to contact us at:

Phone: 630-909-9411 or Email: [email protected]