About Guyana Children’s Home Support Fund

As a new but growing charitable nonprofit organization headquartered in the United States and focused on the homeless, runaway, abandoned, abused, trafficked, or exploited youth of Guyana, South America, we’re taking a two-phased approach to building our organization.  Before building our own home, the Phase I mission of CHFC is to support three preexisting children’s homes in Guyana; Bless the Children, Save R Kids, and the Hauraruni Girls Home. 

Bless the Children – Founded in 2006 by Americans, the late Reverend and Misses Suraj Paul, Bless the Children cares for thirty (30) children ranging from ages seven to nineteen years old who come as wards of the state and/or welfare homes.  This community would benefit from resources to invest in a 5,000-watt generator to deal with regular rolling blackouts, necessities/toiletries, and a Computer Technician to service their various dysfunctional desktop computers.

Save R Kids – Founded in 2002 by American, Patricia Jackson, our Trustee, Marva Langevine has a special relationship with this home, Save R Kids who care for twenty-seven youth ranging in age from six to twenty-two years old;  With seventeen acres of land and no playground for the children, your donation will help us invest in their first Jungle Gym and Playground through Kaboom or Play Mart, Inc.   

Hauraruni Girls Home – Founded in 1982 by the late Reverend Philip Mohabir, the Hauraruni Girls Home cares for twenty-three children ranging from three to twelve years old.  Now lead by Pastor Deoram Timram and his wife, they regularly need School Supplies, Food, and Necessities/Toiletries.  Your donation can help us also improve their digital and computer-based educational resources, given they lack access to the internet and WiFi.