About Annual Giving

Thank you for your gift to Johnson C. Smith Theological Seminary! Among many things, your gift helps the seminary broaden its audience.

At a time when congregations, denominations, and institutions of higher learning are experiencing numerical decline, JCSTS is growing. Today, JCSTS' target audience is comprised of (1) African-American people of faith disenchanted with pop theology, prosperity gospel, and worship cliches who are looking to ground their faith in the liberative traditions of the historic Black Church; (2) persons of various ethnicities currently in some form of service to the church (ordained and non-ordained) in search of tools to help them serve effectively in today’s cultural environment; (3) people from various walks of life in need of an educational experience that will help them engage their faith in the public sphere; (4) persons currently engaged in justice work (community organizing, advocacy, justice reform, seeking to deepen their understanding of the intersection of faith and justice; (5) individuals who found their first programmatic experience with JCSTS so rewarding they came back for more.

These are the best of times for JCSTS. Your gift helps the seminary continue to build contemporary, justice-oriented, educational programming that appeals to an expansive market.