About Support at-risk youth through your donation

How your donation is utilized 

Your donation provides programming and team membership for at-risk youth and supports community outreach events. None of this would be possible without the generosity of our donors.


In 2018, Front Rangers invested $40,000 through a large donor gift, allowing us to provide programming for 10+ youth athletes, considered at-risk, and to acquire bicycles for athletes to use, team kits (uniforms), transportation, professional coaching services, support staff, equipment storage and now a truck to transport bicycles and all equipment to events.


To meet our club membership goal of 100 youth, 50% of whom are considered at-risk, our long-term plans are to raise $150,000 each year for programming and support.

Youth Athletes riding, racing and community outreach

Outreach Support - $5/mo., $15/qtr., $50/yr.


Outreach Event - $10/mo., $25/qtr., $100/yr.


Sponsorship of one at-risk youth, Pre-season - $25/mo., $65/qtr., $250/yr.


Sponsorship of one at-risk youth, 1st half road season - $50/mo., 150/qtr., $600/yr.


Sponsorship of one at-risk youth, 2nd half road season - $60/mo., $175/qtr., $700/yr.


Sponsorship of one at-risk youth for entire road season -  $110/mo., $325/qtr., $1,300/yr.


Sponsorship of one at-risk youth and all equipment plus logistics for the entire season.


Supporting Front Rangers

Front Rangers provides youth of all backgrounds the opportunity to enjoy bicycling and build community through training, riding in organized events and racing. At-risk youth are supported by generous donors, like you.

In addition, Front Rangers, including team members (age 12 to 18) and adults, provide community outreach bicycle rides and events for children from communities of need and at-risk youth. Your donations provide for these outreach activities.

Why your financial support is so important 

Our ongoing goal is to blend 50% at-risk youth as members of the Front Rangers cycling team, creating a team that continues to be diverse in terms of cultural, social and economic background. This diverse team community provides experiences, friendships and opportunities rarely found in the Denver area for young people.

- Jim Joy, Executive Director, Front Rangers Cycling Club

To donate by check, please mail to:

Front Rangers Cycling Club

700 Colorado Blvd., #690

Denver, CO 80206

To donate new or gently used bicycles and equipment, please contact:

Jim Joy

Executive Director, Front Rangers Cycling Club

[email protected]