About Help Willpowered Woman Continue to Make an Impact

Willpowered Woman focuses on empowering women. We educate at high schools, universities, colleges and businesses to prevent intimate partner abuse and support women who have been affected.

We are raising $5,000 this Christmas to continue our impact in the community. $5,000 will cover office space, web hosting and day to day operations that enable us to facilitate talks, lectures and classes to the public and make more of an impact in the community.

We were founded in February 2016. Since that time, with the help of many volunteers and donors, we have:

- Supported 60 survivors to restore their strength and heal from their abusive relationships, sharing resources and enabling them to talk to our trained advocates whenever they need it.

- Facilitated talks, lectures and empowerment classes to 1400 people.

- Reached over 16,000 people online.

Here's what people who have worked with Willpowered Woman are saying:

“Understanding the power structure of abusive relationships, gave insight into what to look for and the testimonial/personal story was inspirational.”

- “Today I learned the warning signs of an abusive relationship knowing that it takes an individual to step up, and the abused to acknowledge the abusive situation and leave.”

- “In the class they explained how to improve ourselves and encouraged us to have some goals in life.”

- “Lots of resources given: brainstorming and problem solving to overcome obstacles were encouraged and demonstrated.”

- “The class boosted my passion and helped me understand how I can begin to achieve my goals.”

- “I learnt how important it is to put yourself first.”

- “I feel like I should be able to do what I want to do and that an intimate relationship shouldn’t stop that, it should support it.”