About Liberty Life Coaching

Each seminar and session is uniquely designed to fulfill your intentions and needs. An orientation helps you feel safe and calm - you always have voice and choice when participating. While interacting with horses, individuals are able to identify and shift their limiting behaviors and group patterns that prohibit them from gaining traction toward their best, daily satisfaction and resilience. The horses are utilized as co-facilitators, offering instant, non-judgmental feedback to the coach-ee. NO HORSE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY

Why Mustangs? In multi-sensory awareness (MSA), one is mindful of energy within, while at the same time observing the energy and activity of others. Wild horses are masters of MSA. They utilize their entire body to perceive their surroundings: thick hide protects them from harsh weather and is sensitive enough to feel a fly on their back, each ear hears multiple sounds, each eye sees a panoramic view. Their very survival depends on their MSA. By sustaining MSA and living only in the moment, wild horses know when it is safe to graze, sleep, play, move, etc, thereby staying powerfully connected. The complex social system of the wild horse demonstrates instant, non-judgmental feed-back for all relationships, empowering the human partner to accelerate their personal development.