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Estrellx Supernova & The Cosmic Angels/S.o.T.

Estrellx Supernova (they/them) is a queer, non-binary AfroIndigenous Cosmic Energetic Orchestrator whose roots extend into Guatemala, Angola, Portugal, Spain, and other diasporas. 

Estrellx frames choreography as embodied excavation, as an erotic practice that opens up portals towards giving oneself radical permission. Estrellx integrates club spaces as sites of generative dissonance and implements [tasks as meditation, divergent simultaneity, Qi Energetics, divination, and somatic work] into their ritualistic performative language. They love getting messy by conjuring choreographic rituals within quotidian, natural, subliminal, and imaginary landscapes. Their solo and collaborative performances are templates for reclaiming, re-membering, and re-wiring the frequencies of ruptures in service of engendering new systems, behaviors, temporalities, and subjectivities of presence-filled being.

Estrellx asks, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? How do we work with what we have to redesign how we do everything? How do we prepare for the not yet seen? What does it mean to embody liberation and align myself with the future that has integrated the past? ” 

Currently, Estrellx is resting, reflecting, and re-designing their vision of an ecosystem called The School of Tenderness, Embodied Kinetics, Alchemical Arts and is a 2020 Creative Capital Awardee. They are interested in divesting from what no longer serves and are reinvesting into the activation of their sacred template. 

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More on The School of Tenderness [2019 - current]: 
The School of Tenderness, Embodied Kinetics, & Alchemical Arts / La Escuela de Cariño, Corporealidad y Artes Sutiles / is a choreographic project that takes the form of a multi-dimensional space with an initial hub in a geography that has yet to be identified. La Escuela focuses and zooms in on the intersection of healing, ecology, ritual, choreographic excavation, socially engaged praxis, and Black, Indigenous, Queer, and Trans People of Culture (BIQTPOC). Infrastructurally, La Escuela supports a web of annual programming that offers healing-based artist residencies and retreats, performance convergences, international cross-pollination exchanges, 1:1 mentorships, grief rituals, somatic trainings, play parties, giving circle experiments, amongst other programming that is under development. 

La Escuela is an architectural and shape-shifting space that will manifest in the form of a queer club, healing center, performance venue, choreographic research incubator, and land-based initiative. This plasticity seeks to reflect and honor the ways our identities as BIQTPOC folks is constantly in flux, adjusting, adapting, resisting, and responding to the conditions of the current white supremacist, heteropatriarchial, and capitalistic paradigm. La Escuela will physically adapt to the needs of the respective visiting residents and will partner with local and global initiatives who are doing similar work as a way to develop a wider constellation of care amongst BIQTPOC communities.  

La Escuela seeks to especially welcome, center, and support BIQTPOC survivors of all kinds and to become a space where artists, activists, herbalists, healers, and other core partners/allies can come together to co-create alternative realities, paradigms, infrastructures, and technologies that serve to amplify our collective liberation, alone and together. Integrating global perspectives with more local Turtle Island (U.S) based voices will ensure that La Escuela remains culturally competent and relevant, is responding to global and local needs, and is actively in solidarity with other spaces through various kinds of exchanges.  

Additionally, as an AfroIndigenous CEO/Founder, I will invest and commit to developing long-term relationships with the Indigenous stewards of the respective lands that La Escuela will move through as a pathway towards being, co-creating and embodying the complexity of being in right relation.

Photo by Yvonne Portra