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For 20+ years, the American Learning Institute for Muslims has empowered the next generation of young Muslims to become confident leaders and critical thinkers who engage modern society in a meaningful way. ALIM promotes the empowered, healthy and religiously sound development of American Muslim individuals, families and society through the promotion of Islamic literacy— the establishment and critical engagement of the requisite intellectual and spiritual foundations of Islam. 

Our core scholars of Dr. Sherman Jackson, Dr. Muneer Fareed, Ust Ubaydullah Evans, and Dr. Ali Sulaiman, along with a number of guest scholars including Imam Magid, Usta Zaynab Ansari, Imam Zaid Shakir, and Dr. Hadia Mubarak. The ALIM Summer Program has produced leaders who are making a difference in our communities, like the founders of LaunchGood, UMR, Fawakih, Healthy Families Project, as well as the compiler of "Revelation" seerah book, the President of El-Hibri Foundation, and more.

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