About Donate Now

When you donate to the Center for Positive Sexuality you are supporting positive sexuality education and research programs.

  • $25        Provides sex-positive education to 25 students
  • $50        Provides sex-positive education to 50 students or provides ASL services during our Monthly Educational Series
  • $100      Provides support to positive sexuality education and research interns
  • $250      Expands the Center’s reach through social media and our public virtual programs
  • $500      Provides support to cutting edge research in positive sexuality
  • $1000    Provides independent researchers with resources to reach larger goals and broader audiences

You are providing education to students and aspirational professionals in the helping fields. You are also supporting independent researchers acquire the resources they need to investigate and publish information about positive sexuality topics. Whether to give a little or a lot, every donation is needed, useful, and 100% tax deductible*.

*You should discuss your specific situation with your professional tax preparer.