About Julia Freedman's Bat Mitzvah Project


My name is Julia Freedman, and I’m a 7th grader. I first learned about the ISCD at school when a speaker came and talked to us about the organization. I was thrilled to hear about the opportunities they provide for children with physical disabilities to overcome them and be able to play sports. I have always loved playing sports, and I’ve played many in my life including basketball, softball, gymnastics, tennis and soccer. I take it for granted that I am able to play sports easily with nothing holding me back. When I learned about ISCD, I knew I wanted to do something to help. Coincidentally, I discovered that my mom visited ISCD when she was on a recent trip to Israel. She was also blown away by the organization and all the people that they help in a fun environment. Recently, due to the generosity of the Atlanta community, the ISCD was able to build an adapted fitness center in Israel. However, they are in need of equipment. So I decided that I would like to try to raise $1000, which will enable me to supply equipment including weights, medicine balls, mats and more. I would like to ask, if possible, for everyone to please donate a minimum of $5 for every working limb that they have. For example, a person with two arms and two legs could hopefully give a minimum of $20 dollars. I hope when you are making your donation, you’ll take a moment to realize that some people don’t have all working limbs available to them, but they still can be active and play all sports with our collective fundraising help.