About Earthquake Relief Fund

UPDATE: We now know that there are 25 homes that have been declared unsafe to live in.  These families aren't allowed to sleep in their own homes until they have been repaired and then cleared by a government sanctioned engineer.  Since the need is larger than we originally realized, we have increased our goal to $15,000. Any gifts given to this account even those above the goal will be earmarked for the ongoing relief effort. Thank you to all who have already given! 

Our first three temporary container houses arrived on Monday, Dec 16!  Each container costs $3000 to purchase and install.  We have the funds for 4 of the 5 additional containers and have a matching gift for half of the last one needed! The next $1500 that is given will be matched to purchase the 8th and final container!


You can read more updates and see pictures at  >> <<


Each day we are preparing meals for about 50 people living in tents. This hot meal is a brief bit of 'comfort' in their days full of stress!

Nov 26, 2019

Albania experienced a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on November 26, 2019 that caused extensive damage at the epicenter and surrounding areas.  Early news reports has the death toll in the mid teens, but the number is likely to rise as attempts to account for the missing begin. 

We can't do everything, but we can do something!

Vlashaj, the village where Planters serves, was about 5 miles from the epicenter and was shaken badly.  At least 5 homes  25 homes have been damaged to the point that they have been condemned and those families have to find other housing until their homes can be made safe.

With your help, we plan to:

  • Rent temporary but safe housing for the families affected
  • Help with some re-construction costs (home insurance is not an option for our neighbors)

We have a goal of $10,000 to aid and rebuild.  Prayerfully consider partnering with us as we come alongside our neighbors!