About Off The Charts Club

Off The Charts Club develops the caring spirit of youth to aid, comfort, and empower their peers battling cancer. This grassroots movement aims to alleviate the stress of medical charts and help sick children realize a childhood filled with experiences that are “off the charts” positive and fun.

Founded by Matteo, a healthy nine-year-old boy who ran 100 miles to help kids with cancer, Off The Charts Club embraces the notion that there are no age or size requirements for helping others. This CORE Foundation cause improves the lives of children throughout the United States in four critical ways:

1) Provide pediatric cancer patients with inspirational books, personalized capes, and other items to help them persevere.

2) Offer emotional support to chronically ill children by showing them that friends and strangers of all ages have their backs.

3) Raise funds for other organizations to provide technology and literary resources for kids with cancer.

4) Create opportunities for youth to foster leadership skills and appreciate the value of community service.

In 2020, Off The Charts will utilize donations toward the costs of publishing a children’s book, visiting hospitals, and promoting athletic events with fundraising goals for helping kids be kids. Future projects will create a sustaining commitment to an all-inclusive caring community.

Off the Charts Club is supported and fiscally sponsored CORE Cause through the CORE Foundation, a 501(c)3, EIN #20-5997764 registered to solicit donations in the state of Virginia. Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.