About Donate Now

Funds collected through this campaign are used to support one of the following programs: 

  • Grocery Fund - When women first arrive, they are starting to rebuild their lives, and this fund allows us to purchase basic needs to help them get back on their feet. 
  • Gas Fund - We currently have two vans that are used to transport women to meetings, doctors appointments, court appearances, etc. Currently, it takes more than $100 to fill up our vans and we are spending $300 per week on gas to meet this need. 
  • Clothing Fund - As our women get back on their feet, they need clothes for interviews and their new jobs. 
  • Book Fund - Our women receive a workbook, Freedom From Addiction: 90-Day Recovery, that allows them to journal, set goals, understand their triggers, and more! 
  • Toy Drive - Every year we have Santas workshop where we invite our community and neighborhood and all the children to come over and decorate stockings and build gingerbread houses and join us for a feast during that time, we give each child a toy.

You will be able to designate how you would like your donation used during the checkout process.