About Donate Now

Thank you for your donation.  It is because of donors like you that the Rafiki Village Project has been able to accomplish so much to help Dumbeta Ward.  In 2020 we have ambitious plans, but with your help we can accomplish them.  These are the projects that the community has identified as their highest priorities.  The first project we will be focused on is the completion of a partially constructed classroom at Gichbord Primary School.  Like many public schools in Tanzania it is challenged by extreme overcrowding.  There are currently   372 students crowed into only four classrooms. Next we will be working on raising funds to connect Lamay Primary School to the public water supply.  This will involve stalling a 1.5 miles water line to the school and will be similar to the Gijega water project we completed in 2016.  It will great when the students don’t have to spend classroom hours hauling water.  Finally, we are hoping to begin working on building a labor/maternity ward at Dumbeta Dispensary.  This will provide a private space for women to labor, give birth and rest after delivery. Currently infants are being born in exam rooms with other patients coming and going.   We will also be continuing are quarterly stipends to all five schools in the ward and to the dispensary.  All this takes money, so please give generously.