About Join Our Community of Animal and Nature Lovers

Members are the heart of our community.  They are the supporters who truly allow the sanctuary to fulfill its mission to provide a safe and loving place, not just for animals in need, but for all of us, a place where all beings matter.

How your membership helps us:

Your monthly membership helps us keep the animals healthy and happy. Operating costs for running the sanctuary max out at over $5000 a month for general expenses. That does not include anything out of the ordinary like vet bills, rehabbing wildlife, setting up programs etc. Your monthly member donation helps cover costs like enclosure maintenance, food, bedding, electricity, enrichment items such as toys, hiding places and also allows us to make improvements to the land such as planting trees, building fences, and adding facilities for you to enjoy during your visits. Your monthly membership also helps fund programs such as our educational outreach, wildlife rehabilitation and animal theraplay. 

Membership levels and benefits:

*Happy Tales Animal Sanctuary receives a high-volume of calls for wildlife and pet support. As a member, you will get first priority access to Happy Tales wildlife expertise - just send us an email or give us a call with your questions about your current pets, adding a pet, and/or wildlife.

Bronze Member: $10/month: Membership kit including information about our sanctuary, a certificate of membership with a picture and story of an animal you are helping and a Happy Tales Pen to show off your support.

Silver Member $15/month: Same as above plus a porcupine quill from our very own Sun Qu, the happiest, most loving porcupine on the planet, along with information on the quill and porcupine "medicine" from a Native American standpoint.

Gold Member $25/month: Same as above plus one private tour for 4 people. A private tour is a guided tour around our sanctuary to get a behind the scenes look at the sanctuary, meet the animals, interact with many of them, and ask as many questions as you can think of! This is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Platinum Member $50/month: Same as above plus your choice of a crystal or crystal pendant from the sanctuary. The property we chose to build on is very mineral rich and we are finding all kinds of gems here! All of our crystals are hand picked, charged and infused with healing energy. Pendants are wrapped with  You can choose your crystal or pendant from our Etsy page or we can choose it for you.

Diamond Member $100/month: Same as above only 3 private tours for up to 6 people, 2 Happy Tales T shirts to show off your support, PLUS a two day stay in our TENTRR glamping site, where you can participate in some feeding and caring of the animals or just hang out and relax.

Philathropist Member $150/month: Same as above plus 2 additional 2 night stays (meaning if you combine them all in one you can stay for up to a week!), and a quill vase. A quill vase is just that...a vase with a beautiful bouquet of Sun Qu's quills.