About People for PLAN - Movement Building Fund

About PLAN

The Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) cultivates student leadership in alignment with the broader Zero Waste and Environmental Justice movements. PLAN positions students as leaders on their college or university campuses and supports them to become life-long changemakers. We recognize student power as a critical component to the just transformation of campuses and of the broader society. PLAN leverages student power in order to build solutions to the Waste Crisis such as waste diversion programs (like Move-Out Programs, Free & Thrift Stores, Food Recovery, and Plastic-Free Campaigns) that keep materials from ending up in landfills and incinerators. Working in collaboration with our movement partners, we address the Linear Consumption Economy at each of the Points of Intervention. Together, we are working to actualize thriving circular economies rooted in the intrinsic value and self-determination of people and the planet.

What is The Movement Building Fund?

This fund is utilized by all of PLAN’s projects to remove financial barriers to involvement and directly support people who have been historically marginalized within or by the Zero Waste Movement. This fund provides things like travel stipends to our annual conference, sliding-scale tickets to all of our events, and free and subsidized membership access to under-resourced campuses.  To further understand how we see our work growing in the future, please visit our Strategic Plan.

What Will PLAN Do With Your Donation?

Provide campuses with free and subsidized memberships, when needed, to support student-led waste initiatives and develop students' leadership skills.

Expand the accessibility of our events and conference by offering sliding-scale ticket prices and travel scholarships to students.

Offer payment to community organizers, student leaders, frontline activists, and others that we ask to speak, facilitate, train, advise, or consult with us. 

Fund student interns, fellows, and organizers that work with our team to further grassroots efforts.

Offer healthcare, electronics, and travel stipends to full and part-time staff to ensure that everyone on our team has access to the tools they need to accomplish their work safely and effectively.