About Uniform Distress

Did you know...

Children in Africa are not in school for the lack of a uniform, because 42 percent of Africans are living in extreme poverty on $1 or less per day.

How you can help

Many African countries provide free primary education, but funds do not support costs for a required school uniform or tote. Providing sewing machines and materials to schools in Kenya is helping kids go to school. The school sells discounted handmade uniforms and totes. They use the proceeds to buy more supplies. Students learn to sew, and families can afford to buy the needed school uniforms.

About this nonprofit

Reach The Children facilitates self-reliance in communities dedicated to the well-being of underprivileged children. We use a holistic community development approach to implement various projects in HIV/AIDS prevention, education, healthcare, micro-enterprise, water, agriculture, orphan care and community empowerment.

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