About Retired K9 Veterinary Fund

Faced with the often overwhelming cost of veterinary care, many former Handlers who have adopted their

Retired K9 partners find that they are unable to afford needed urgent vet care or long term care for a previously undiagnosed condition.

Veterinary Care for retired working dogs can be prohibitively expensive for many handlers that have adopted their partners.

So much so that they often have to make difficult decisions about the health of their K9. After a life of dedicated service, no working dog should have to wait for needed care.

It is with this in mind that Mission K9 Rescue has implemented the Retired K9 Medical Fund!

This fund is a donor supported fund, now available for Handlers that have adopted their K9 partners and find themselves financially unable to provide needed urgent veterinary care.

100% of Donations made to the Retired K9 Medical Fund go to the dogs that need urgent veterinary care!

No management fees, admin fees, salaries, or advertising cost is taken from the fund.

The hard earned money of supporters that want to help save K9 lives through this K9 Medical Fund can smile knowing that their money was used as they intended it to be!

We will allocate funds to each dog that is approved in proportion to the amount available in the fund at any time.

We cannot guarantee that we can pay 100% of any bill, however though the support of our donors we hope to always have funds at the time of need.

We appreciate those that are helping to fundraise personally, paying it forward for the next retired working dog in need.

It’s simple, takes no effort, and will keep the fund ready for the next hero in need.

Supporters of the fund who don’t have a dog can also help us fundraise. We’d love to show you how easy it is to help save K9 lives.

When you support others, they in turn will support you in your time of need.

Consider donating to the Retired K9 Medical Fund now.

Thank you for your continued support!
Please share our work with others.
You are saving K9 Lives!