About HHRM Pantry & Family Meal Fund

Helping Hand Rescue Mission served thousands of families during 2020 and 2021-22 with food, clothing and supplies. The time of pandemic has had a long-term impact on our community and the current economic condition, gas prices, food prices and higher cost of living makes it difficult for many families to put food on their tables. Prior to the pandemic we were serving about 85 families a week. We average about 250 families per week now for food, clothing and household supplies.

Your donation to HHRM's "Pantry & Family Meal Fund" will:

  • help cover the cost to safely purchase and distribute pantry supplies to families in need, as well as resources to provide hot meals during periods when we are able to offer them or for food at special mission events.
  • help purchase specific essential supplies for families that they cannot afford themselves (such as baby formula specific to a child's needs) special dietary needs etc.
  • help to restock our pantry when our reserves of food and essential supplies/hygiene products run low. We are currently spending approximately $6500.00 on food and supplies each month. Food prices have been on the rise  and the number of families in need of food has been steady at around 200/week.
  • help to provide lunches for the the homeless in our community on Tuesdays and Thursdays (they are delivered right to them where they are)
  • help to provide 500 lunches for our Baby Blessings families at our monthly outreach. 

We are asking for your help. Will you please consider helping us to meet these needs for food & supplies for these families that are turning to us for help in this time when they continue to struggle with providing basic needs. 

Helping Hand Rescue Mission's food pantry continues to be open Tuesday-Friday 11am-1pm.
Appointments are scheduled for those unable to come during regular pantry hours.
We are accepting pantry donations Monday and Saturday 10-1pm and Tuesday-Friday 10-11 and 1-4pm.  You can find a list of especially needed goods on our website as well as a Fill A Bag Feed A Family shopping list. The website address is under the 'Outreaches and Projects' tab. 

If you would like to partner with us by making a donation to HHRM'S "Pantry & Family Meal Fund" we would appreciate it deeply. We are grateful to those who have given to help us continue our community outreaches and to keep our pantry & diaper pantry stocked. We are doing what we can as we can and we thank you for helping us with these additional meals. We know that they will be enjoyed and appreciated so much!