About COVID-19 -- Homeschooling Tools for Those in Need

Thousands of children are now being homeschooled throughout Morris County, many of whom cannot afford the basic tools required for this endeavor.  They are in need of the basics: crayons, notebooks, pens, and pencils.  Moreover, trips to the store are difficult due to NJ's stay-in-place order.  For at least these reasons, many families are forced to choose between food and other necessities, and the supplies needed to complete the academic year from home. 

Our mission here at Project Readiness is to make sure none of these children get left behind as a result of this public health crisis.  We will procure the needed supplies and make doorstep drops for these families, but we need your help to do it.

Our donors know that we rarely ask for financial help.  However, this time is different, as we do not want our donors unnecessarily heading into stores to shop for us.  We have a list of students awaiting their supplies -- please consider making a financial donation so that we can get them what they need to continue their education from home!   

Please stay safe, and we will all get through this together.

Jen & Annie