About Centering Creative Practice for Social Change!

Dear Studio Pathways Supporters,

As we approach the season of giving, we extend our deepest appreciation for your steadfast support of Studio Pathways. Your dedication to nurturing teachers and the minds of learners, has created a profound impact. We are making remarkable progress  achieved through community, connection, and a vision of change. 

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to join us in unlocking even more potential for our impact in education. Your generous contributions will directly fuel our growing team of brilliant changemakers who are making waves in how creativity can and does bring social change.  We are committed to supporting schools to make the necessary transformations that build a community of belonging, to understand the creative capacity of teachers and students, and to metamorphosize into joyful, vibrant and responsive schools. 

Each dollar you contribute transcends financial support; it is an investment in the dreams and aspirations of the next generation of creative minds.

Let's ensure that Studio Pathways remains a source of inspiration, guiding educators on their unique creative journeys. Your donation on Giving Tuesday will not only make a difference today but will resonate in the hearts and minds of countless individuals for years to come. Thank you for being an integral part of this incredible journey, and let's make this Giving Tuesday a celebration of boundless possibilities.

Here's what your contribution helps us to do:

  1. Get the book in front of educators across the state of California. This means schools, districts and counties, pre-service teachers in credentialing programs, teacher leaders, and invested educators wanting more than the current legacy of inequities in policies, funding, and curriculum. 

  2. Support schools with a team of facilitators providing professional learning and leadership coaching towards this vision. We’ve spent the last several years piloting and developing a pathway for implementation, which research has proven successful in creating social change outcomes.  

  3. Amplify the wisdom of teachers and artists.  Help us center the role of teachers and artists as key to societal change for a more just and equitable world. 

Excerpt from Do Your Lessons Love Your Students: Creative Education for Social Change

“Do Your Lessons Love Your Students? is a vision for a just and creatively inspired society. It is a guidepost for social imagination pointing us toward vibrant schools where children expand creative and critical thought.  It is a call to action to remove the violations on the human spirit and rigid conditions that are currently ingrained in much of schooling.  It is a gentle nudge to recreate systems, structures, policies, curricula, lessons, and methodologies. 

Educational philosopher Maxine Greene (1995) spoke of the role of social imagination in creating social change.  Without a social imagination, we may fall into ingrained beliefs and patterns and carry out dull expectations for what’s ahead.  Aligning our thinking towards a brighter vision involves taking actions to repair a past that has not served us, and invoking methodologies that will activate creative potential in our children. 

When a caterpillar goes through metamorphosis, the entire contents of its body liquifies and becomes a soft mass.  It is the role of the imaginal cells that survive the disintegration process to grow into the form required to make a butterfly a butterfly.  At first, imaginal cells are seen as threatening to the caterpillar, but eventually the butterfly emerges. Many agree that there is currently a necessary disintegration of much of what education has been before. What is the potential for education if we participate as imaginal cells do?”  

Let's create this path together towards a brighter, creative, and more compassionate future.

With boundless gratitude and unwavering hope,

Mariah and Jessa