About Livestream with Aparna Shankar

A dynamic, power-based dancer: Aparna Shankar, principal of Navatman Dance Company, presents her first professional solo. 

About Aparna Shankar 

Aparna trained in the Vazhuvoor style of bharatanatyam under guru Smt. Ramya Ramnarayan in New Jersey for 11 years. 

Aparna is a principal of Navatman Dance Company. Since joining the Company in 2017, she has performed along with the company at two Drive East festivals and played the role of Lakshmana in Navatman's Ramayana production and the role of Karna in Navatman's Mahabharata Part 1: Of Vengeance and Promises production. As a freelancer, Aparna performed as an ensemble member in The Affair, Sri Thina's production based on the Gita Govindam. She is also a lead Bharatnatyam teacher at the Navatman School. Aparna finds immense joy in dance and deeply enjoys sharing and cultivating this joy in others.