About Partner With Kevin & Susan Fry

Kevin and Susan Fry

Founders and Directors of Eden Ministries Inc. and Eden Children's Village

Kevin and Susan founded Eden Ministries as Goshen Christian Church African Ministries in 1998. Eden has grown and blossomed much faster into the large undertaking that they originally envisioned, but we’ve yet to realize all God had in His mind from the beginning! We took in our first child in 2000 and have had the honor of caring for 250 total up to this current time. If you’d like to read the whole story, please visit our much more detailed description HERE! Kevin and Susan spend 8 months in Zimbabwe and 4 months traveling and raising funds for the orphanage each year. We are all delighted to join them in the calling and tremendous blessing of following God’s call to love Him through caring for orphans, widows and lost souls across the globe.