About Funds for Food Kits

Updated: 8/24/20

Since April, our Nepali operational director, Sarala Shrestha, has been focused on coordinating and distributing food and hygiene kits to students and their families at our partnered school in remote Nepal. Our food program has raised money to provide food and hygiene kits for 181 families in hopes of lessening the financial impact of the global pandemic on the communities. Food security was a problem in Nepal before the Coronavirus outbreak. Now, the impact of COVID-19 has halted the harvesting season and has escalated the need for food quickly. In addition to providing students with food kits, Trek to Teach is also focused on providing school administrators with hand sanitizer and facial masks while we collaborate on how to safely open and host classes.

In these uncertain times, it means so much to have your support, not just for our organization’s sake, but, much more importantly, for the sake of those we seek to support, the amazing families we’ve spent the past ten years connected with through our partner schools. While we are weighing when it will be appropriate to send teachers to Nepal once again, we are grateful to be able to continue to give to the communities who have hosted us for the past decade, and provide a bit of stability wherever we can, and hope to be able to continue to do so as needed until Nepal is able to regain normalcy once more. Please consider a donation to the students and communities surrounding our partnered schools in the Annapurna region of Nepal.

$20 USD will provide students with the following items as well as hand sanitizer and facial masks for their school.

Trek to Teach Food Kit 
Rice- 15kg Lentils - 1kg Potato- 2.5kg Onion - 1kg Salt- 1pac.of half kg Beaten rice - 2kg Oil-1ltr Soap - 1pcs
Toothbrush - 4pk
Toothpaste - 1pk

We accept donations via Paypal, Zelle, bank to bank wire transfers or the tool directly on this page! Please email us at [email protected] to discuss your options for donating. If you can't donate please pass our link along to friends and family.

<3 Trek to Teach Team