About dNaga

dNaga is an intergenerational dance company founded by Claudine Naganuma in 2001. Its mission is to create work that reflects the culture in which we live and to explore our shared human experience. Naganuma believes the arts to be deeply nourishing for everyone, helping us learn to live with creativity and flexibility in our ever-changing world.  Free arts education programs are integral to dNaga’s work.They include Dance for PD® (founded in 2007)  and GIRL Project (founded in 2013). 

Dance for PD®

dNaga is proud to offer online and in person Dance for PD® classes. The classes provide an artistic experience to dancers with parkinson’s by bringing them into the dance studio and employing imagery and musicality to execute movement. The classes provide an excellent way to socialize and engage in performance projects. See Naganuma’s recent IN Dance article:

To learn more about the history of this program or to enroll in classes please visit:

GIRL Project

GIRL Project is celebrating its 10th anniversary! This art and empowerment program is offered to female identified and gender expansive youth who live in the San Antonio district. The team of teachers are all women of color, providing intergenerational spaces for long term mentorship. 

Additionally, dNaga works with community organizations to provide programming in Oakland’s Chinatown offering dance classes to young women and elders.

dNaga is thrilled to offer ALL of our educational programming for free and thank our individual donors and grant support that we have received.

While making a donation, you can earmark if you want your funds to go specifically towards DFPD or GIRL project.

For more information about dNaga and our programs, visit