About Joshua Strong

Joshua needs your help!  

Ocean county, NJ resident Joshua is a 16-year-old, autistic kiddo (non-verbal)  with a big, kind heart who LOVES any and all Spanish food, basketball and listening to music (Michael Jackson being his favorite, but he also loves to relax to Beethoven and Mozart).  

At the end of February a slight pain in Joshua's back turned into a loss of mobility in a matter of days. After weeks of testing it was discovered that Joshua had tumors growing on his spine and in his chest (form of sarcoma). His oncology team was able to remove the mass on his spine entirely, but he needed intense rounds of chemo in order to shrink the one in his chest before surgery can be attempted. This initial diagnosis had Joshua in the hospital for just over 2.5 months!  After his most recent scans it’s been determined that the tumor shrunk enough in Joshua’s chest that they can try to surgically remove the entire thing (surgery is happening mid July).  Following surgery Joshua’s going to continue to need vigorous PT and eventually more chemo and radiation with the hope that he’ll be entirely cancer free by November.  

While Joshua’s amazing Mama Tamara is incredibly happy that Joshua’s tumor has shrunk and surgery is now possible, this is in no way the end of the road for them.  Joshua is going to require round the clock care and because of this (as well as the safety of Joshua’s health against potential COVID), Tamara had to regrettably leave her job at a local nursing home.  Tamara is such a proud woman.  We offered to set this fundraising page up for her months ago, but because she was still able to work PT, she didn’t want to “take” the financial assistance from another family in need.  With that we told her to let us know if the day comes where she too needs the help.  Well, now that Tamara can no longer work, that day is now!  

Any donation is appreciated for Tamara and Joshua and for those of you who want to do more, please feel free to contact us directly ([email protected]).  

If you'd like to send gift-cards or a check for Joshua and his Mama Tamara please send them to: 


c/o: Joshua Strong

P.O. Box 4064

Middletown, NJ 07748

Gift Cards can be to: Any gas stations, ShopRite, Grub-Hub or UberEats. 

Thank you for helping!  Please consider sharing Joshua's story with your own friends and family, they could use all of the help that they can get.


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