About Kool Boiz Foundation New Building Campaign

The Kool Boiz Foundation is dedicated to providing educational, financial, and emotional support for boys and young men of color in Youngstown, Ohio.  Founded September 28, 2015, we are celebrating five years of helping boys and young men of color realize what’s possible for their lives.  We strive to be a catalyst for empowerment and change in all that we do… including our college scholarships, mentoring programs, and youth conferences.  We are building future leaders by increasing knowledge, wisdom, and understanding with our program participants.

So, what’s next and how can you help?  That’s a great question… I’m glad you asked.  We are expanding our programs, our organization, and our commitment to serve.  The Kool Boiz Foundation is purchasing a facility in order to better serve the community.  We’re asking for your help in making this huge step.  You’ve supported us these first five years and we are asking for your support now to help position us for the next five.  We are humbly asking our friends, family, and community stakeholders to help us raise $70,000 towards the purchase and renovation of a Kool Boiz Foundation center in Youngstown, Ohio.

Thanks for your consideration.  Thanks for your continued support.  Thanks for the love.  We love you back.