About Casa Iskali Fund

This fund is to help support Casa Iskali


Iskali’s retreat ministry is at the core of our mission. Through our faith-awakening retreats designed specifically for young Latinos, participants have a deep experience of God’s loving and healing presence, are welcomed into the life of the Church, are challenged to break from unhealthy habits and lifestyles, and are motivated to become the best of themselves. Peer-led by Iskali volunteers, our retreats also give our young people the opportunity to serve and share their testimonies with their peers.

The numbers speak for themselves:

·         90% of participants feel that the Iskali retreat gives them a deep and personal experience of God.

·         95% of participants state that Iskali’s retreat is a powerful moment of healing.

·         85% of participants are able to recognize unhealthy habits or addictions and make a decision to better their lives.

·         85% of participants leave motivated to grow closer to God.

·         90% of participants leave with the intention of healing relationships with family and friends.

·         90% of participants feel embraced and welcomed by a community throughout the retreat.

·         100% of participants have a deeper understanding of the importance of community and strive to stay part of that community.

·         95% of participants say the retreat gives them hope and motivation in life.

·         90% of participants feel a stronger connection to the Catholic Church after the retreat.

·         90% of participants feel empowered and equipped as a transformative leader through the retreat.



To support Casa Iskali so as to keep offering more retreats to across Chicagoland and create a hub for Catholic formation specifically for young Latinos. This retreat center will help fill the need in Catholic ministries and resources for young Latinos that is sadly lacking.



Our young people are the future of the Church and deserve to be invested in. This project needs significant funding over the next five years and is counting on your generosity. Please prayerfully consider making a sacrificial contribution to this cause that will have a lasting impact in the lives of our young people.



Choose an amount and frequency below to start giving today! If you have any questions about the retreat center fund or how to contribute, please contact [email protected].

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