General Donations

We are wholly supported by generous donations like yours.

Every act of generosity is an expression of dana. May the merit of your generosity spread far.

The principle of generosity, or dana, is intrinsic to the 2,500 year old tradition of Buddhism. In the days of the Buddha, the teachings were considered priceless and thus offered freely. Through the reciprocal generosity of students and teachers, the teachings have flourished and allowed may people to develop greater wisdom and compassion.

Practicing dana is a central part of the teachings. Generosity is a beautiful and joyful quality, an opening of the heart into sharing. It creates an atmosphere of non-separateness, an expression of our interconnectedness and interdependence. Through generosity, we practice letting go of clinging, which frees the heart. It is the foundation of all spiritual growth and the practice of all religions.

At Insight Meditation Community of Western Massachusetts (IWM), we are honored to continue the dana tradition of sharing the teachings of the Buddha freely and without charge. The donations from classes, retreats, and sittings, added to the donations from fund-raising events, mail appeals, and gifts from dedicated friends of the Center, enable us to pay the rent and other administrative expenses. Any donation you might be moved to give is gratefully received, as IWM operates solely on the basis of generosity by its sangha members.

You can give online here or send checks to Insight Western Mass, 116 Pleasant Street, Suite 242, Easthampton, MA 01027.

Insight Meditation Community of Western Massachusetts (formerly known as InsightPV)