COBI - The Next Steps in Reunification

Recorded February 18, 2021
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Panelists: Hon. Bruce Cohen; Ms. Annette Burns; and Dr. David Weinstock

Have you ever assessed the efficacy of the TI process? Have you ever encountered a case that required serial TIs, significant fees and involved indiscernible progress? Are you concerned about a TI process perceived by litigants to be never-ending and the financial, psychological and legal impacts on the parties and children? Is it time for a different approach that would help families who need reunification?  
This presentation will focus on the next step in reunification, the COBI (Court Ordered Behavioral Intervention) process. The presenters will discuss the new role that is intended to 1) be more efficient, 2) be more cost effective, 3) be in-line with the Court’s authority to appoint professionals, 4) have more court oversight, 5) require participants’ accountability, and 6) be focused on ensuring Court orders are followed.  We anticipate that this is the next step in increasing reunification success while diminishing client complaints.  

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